FRIMA VCC112L VariocookingCntr Multi E2X25Lt Non Pressure

$39,118.00 $31,489.99 ex.GST

FRIMA VCC112L VariocookingCntr Multi E2X25Lt Non Pressure


RATIONAL VarioCookingCenter® – 2 x 25lt capacity non pressure unit with standard connected load.
The RATIONAL VarioCookingCenter® is the multifunctional cooking appliance for your kitchen which replaces traditional cooking appliances such as tilting pans, bratt pans, kettles, boilers, ranges and deep fryers, saving you up to 30% space in your kitchen. This all in one unit, can boil, pan fry and deep fry and is up to 4 times as fast and uses up to 40% less energy compared to traditional cooking equipment. Cleaning time is also minimal as nothing sticks or overcooks. It also works day and night for you and unproductive times are reduced to a minimum.
Capacity: 2 x 25lt
Number of meals p/day: 50 – 100
Dimensions: 1102 w x 908 d x 428 h
* Technical commissioning by a RATIONAL Service Partner
*Unit is supplied with water connection kit – high temperature PVC piping and a flexible hose to connect to water
* Scraper
* User manuals
* On site end user training
* 2 year warranty
Exclusive and FREE access to RATIONAL ServicePlus
* ChefLine® – our RATIONAL Chefs are available to you 8am – 8pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer any of your application or recipe questions
* ConnectedCooking – access to our networked platform which will allow you automatic software updates and HACCP documentation and access to over 1000 recipes and videos from other users across the world
* Academy RATIONAL – Additional 1 day training seminar for you and your staff
* RATIONAL Service Partners – Our units are reliable and built to last, however should you encounter technical issues, our service partners can provide fast and efficient assistance