Robot Coupe C200 – Automatic Sieve ( 3 Phase )

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C200 – Automatic Sieve ( 3 Phase )

Power: 1800 watts
• Three phase
• 1500rpm
• Delivered with: perforated basket Ø 1mm and Ø 3mm
• Floor model with stainless steel feet

Weight: 50 Kg
Dimensions: 1030 W 860 H 400D mm
Product Origin: France

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C200 – Automatic Sieve ( 3 Phase )

Output 120 to 150 kg/h
Incl. perforated basket 1mm ?
Heavy duty model equipped a 1800 W motor
Processing of harder products such as blackcurrants
Longer non-stop processing

Automatic Sieves
Multi-purpose machines using centrifugal action for continuous high output & quality production of fruit pulp, vegetable mousse, sauce, bisque and fish soup – easily outweighing traditional methods.

stainless steel construction for high reliability
easily dismantled and dishwasher proof
automatically ejects fish-bones, fibres, shells, stones, bones, pips, peel and pith
rubber paddles to prevent grinding of pips etc – avoiding bitter free tastes and giving a longer shelf life

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Enquire about this product