SEMAK D72 72 Bird Digital Tandem Rotisserie

$20,395.00 ex.GST

For high volumes in record time you can’t go past the Semak Tandem range of Rotisseries. The Tandem range has been designed specifically for high volume fast food retailers featuring compact footprints. Tandem affords the operator greater flexibility, and the option of Digital Controls allows automated cooking with multiple cooking programs and dedicated cleaning cycle.

For succulent homestyle roast chickens, nothing surpasses the crispy and juicy chicken from a Semak Rotisserie. Proudly the market leader for over 50 Years, Semak Rotisseries combine traditional homestyle roasting with orbital planetary rotation to cook perfectly roasted chicken every time.

While other ovens boast speed, it is the gradual roasting and rotisserie style of cooking that result in the texture and taste of the chicken that customers prefer and will keep coming back for.

The resurgence of Rotisserie cooking has resulted in restaurants using our Rotisseries to develop exciting new menu options featuring high quality local beef, lamb, pork and game.

Using Portuguese Baskets adds an additional dimension whereby chefs can cook butterflied meats, seasonal produce and fresh seafood such as Morton Bay Bugs.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia, our Rotisseries are widely regarded as the market leader in Rotisserie cooking and are supported by our Australia Wide Spare Parts & Service Network.


  • One Step Operation – Robust & Reliable
  • Homestyle Roast cooking with Self Basting
  • High Volume for intensive commercial needs
  • Space saving design for tight spots and small stores
  • High Quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Removable glass door and drip tray
  • Patented Orbital planetary operation
  • Spring loaded spits for easy loading
  • Electronic Overload protection
  • Direct Drive Cooking method reduces fats, calories and cholesterol
  • Proudly Australian Made

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Enquire about this product